By Carrie Mantey

It seems that virtual happy hours and coffee chats — once the hallmark of digital networking novelty — may be going stale. All this despite digital event and meeting planners’ best efforts to keep things lively and avoid the Zoom fatigue everyone dreads.

Technology providers are working to alleviate this Zoom fatigue, however, with the introduction of unique virtual experiences. Virtual bourbon tastings, for example, can quench the thirst of those who are not only missing parties and events due to COVID-19, according to Tom Fischer, a leading bourbon expert, but also those who are fed up with beverages and blank stares through the laptop screen. The new tasting experience enables participants to sip whiskey while being both educated and entertained virtually, thereby elevating your average Zoom meeting.

Fischer says that Bourbon Blog’s virtual bourbon tastings start with whiskey novices and enthusiasts alike receiving a variety of whiskey and bourbon shipped directly to their door. Once guests receive their shipment of whiskey — or using spirits they already have at home — Bourbon Blog whisks guests along a whiskey and spirit tasting and sensory experience that is both fun and functional. With powerful storytelling, Fischer demonstrates how to nose, taste, and review a whiskey and spirit. He provides personalized tasting notes and suggestions, and offers a Q&A opportunity, allowing guests to tap into his knowledge of spirits. (For more information, please visit

But just because bourbon sounds really exciting, it doesn’t mean you have to stop brainstorming there. In fact, some other ideas for fun virtual team building activities include:

  • Cooking classes.
  • Stand-up comedy.
  • Trivia nights.
  • Viewing parties.
  • Yoga or meditation sessions.
  • Magic and hypnosis acts.
  • Wine pairings.
  • Icebreakers.
  • Escape rooms.
  • Choreography lessons.
  • Painting classes.
  • Scavenger hunts.
  • Pictionary or Charades.
  • Virtual spectatorship of a live sporting event.

No matter what virtual team building experience you choose, make sure to research your vendor and check reviews before booking your way to the next most talked about digital event.